Exam Butterflies

Long hours of studies, limited or no play, no TV or video games; early morning hours..Uffff…Can life be tougher! Coming from a no exam education pattern, this is our boy’s first formal exam where he has to remember, recollect and replicate numerous topics from various subjects. It is not just about understanding concepts, facts and […]

Male and Female Perception differences

“Why don’t you understand?” “Talk to me!”Does this sound like an universal woe between couples? Well, this is referencing gender driven perception. The differences between male and female perception, thinking, communication and behavior have been interest of universal research, discussions, debates, and not to forget, they have been heart of jokes. While, every person is […]

Peri Peri Nandos @ Park Square Mall

Over the weekend our exploration drive led us to Park Square Mall Whitefield. “Another mall, again…” my son exasperated! Having lived in the City of Malls, I am still to root out my bouts of Mall Mania! The mall and the shops were abuzz with Diwali offers and promotions. Though a Saturday afternoon, the mall […]

Sridevi: Glamorous to Stunningly Simple Avatar

I don’t remember being a great fan of Sridevi till I watched English Vinglish. Sridevi with her effortless and subtle performance has triumphantly made her comeback after a sabbatical of 15 years. English Vinglish is a Sridevi movie from start to finish. Kudos to this charmingly beautiful lady who with her mature performance brought to […]