Super Sweet Blogging Award

I am definitely thrilled to receive this award, especially at this time when I have finally managed to have my own little space, Self Veda, in this much happening virtual world. Thanks to my big bro for helping me to make this happen with all needed technical support. Now let me get on to the task as per the precept of […]

Valentine’s Day Special

“Love is a promise; love is a souvenir, once given never forgotten, never let it disappear.” — John Lennon It’s that time of the year when the world celebrates love, an occasion to make your special one feel even more special. Cupid strikes in the form of card, flowers, sweets, gold, diamond, platinum, sapphires and […]

IPL Season 6

The count down for 2013 IPL has begun with all its customary pomp, glory and tagged in controversies. With just 56 days left for the event to commence, auction for the players happened on Sunday, 3rd Feb with big mullahs being raked and 37 players being bought from a bounty of 108 players between 8 […]

Time for Leadership

“Mom, do you know, I share my birthday with Abraham Lincoln?” my son proudly proclaimed. “Why this ecstasy about sharing the birthday?” I quizzed. “ Isn’t it great to be sharing birthday with such a great leader!” My son’s research as part of his leadership summit speech got him to understand the leadership style of two distinguished, […]