New Generation Indian Food Chain : Mast Kalandar

Mast Kalandar, the new generation chain of restaurants, serves North Indian vegetarian food in healthy hygienic environment at affordable price. Its vibrant, lively and neat ambiance combined with its presence in every significant neighborhood makes the place distinctively different from the crowd. The menu ¬†offers an assortment of combos, alacarte and chat choices sufficing your […]

Peri Peri Nandos @ Park Square Mall

Over the weekend our exploration drive led us to Park Square Mall Whitefield. “Another mall, again…” my son exasperated! Having lived in the City of Malls, I am still to root out my bouts of Mall Mania! The mall and the shops were abuzz with Diwali offers and promotions. Though a Saturday afternoon, the mall […]

Bangalore Garbage Crisis: Role of Residents

A smelling reality staring at us from every corner of this city quite strikingly is nothing, but garbage. Turning my head away from this is no way helping to scale it down. Pretending that it is only others problem might be helpful in creating a pseudo aura of ignorant bliss, but only helping to compound […]