A recruiter by profession, thats what describes me right now, when I have finally decided to switch me over to Offbeat Lounge

We strive to bring to life every unique shade of your persona at Offbeat Lounge:

 “My life”








Work Life Balance






Unique footprints, though Universal facts,

Ubiquitous, yet offbeat  !

I have been living and working in Dubai since last seven years.  I have given up my full time job  to pursue my  other interests…thus, Offbeat Lounge launched

Looking forward to some exciting time ahead with you at Offbeat Lounge!


22 thoughts on “About

  1. Wow! How good it feels to share your name with another. So much Hope. So much better. I am so happy you stopped-by at my site so that I could trail you back here. Hoping to read your writing sooner.

    Keep writing! 🙂

  2. Hai Asha…. thanks for stopping by, liking and following my post. It feels really great. You have a good one here. Me was a full time working mom, now turned to freelancing which is more comfortable for moms like us….Good to meet people who are alike…..

  3. Wow. I mean that’s amazing. I takes a lot to leave profession for passion.

    By the way, i hate Soya, no matter how nutritional it is. But loved your blog and writing style. In short, M loving it! 🙂

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