Time for Leadership

“Mom, do you know, I share my birthday with Abraham Lincoln?” my son proudly proclaimed. “Why this ecstasy about sharing the birthday?” I quizzed. “ Isn’t it great to be sharing birthday with such a great leader!” My son’s research as part of his leadership summit speech got him to understand the leadership style of two distinguished, […]

Exam Butterflies

Long hours of studies, limited or no play, no TV or video games; early morning hours..Uffff…Can life be tougher! Coming from a no exam education pattern, this is our boy’s first formal exam where he has to remember, recollect and replicate numerous topics from various subjects. It is not just about understanding concepts, facts and […]

Bullying in Schools

That’s how I decided to write about bullying: Though there has always been a desire to contribute my bit, words were never kind to me, as it used to get stuck in a finger- key board synapse. With the new found freedom of a sabbatical, I was on a topic-hunt to pen my first ever […]