Peri Peri Nandos @ Park Square Mall

Over the weekend our exploration drive led us to Park Square Mall Whitefield. “Another mall, again…” my son exasperated! Having lived in the City of Malls, I am still to root out my bouts of Mall Mania!

The mall and the shops were abuzz with Diwali offers and promotions. Though a Saturday afternoon, the mall was not crowded to the extent of spoiling the shopping revelry.  Conveniently located in Whitefield, the Mall has ample parking space and a good mix of fashion stores, F&B outlets and Entertainment Avenues. Keeping up with the spirit of Diwali, various cultural shows and competitions were being organized.

After considering all Gourmet options available, we settled in Nandos for lunch. An Afro Portuguese chain,   Nandoos Peri Peri chicken, is popular for fire grilled chicken varieties. However, their menu does not disappoint vegetarians either, with a good mix of veggie platter, burger and rolls and few appetizers  as well.

Our order for two was Espetada and a Chicken fillet burger. Espetada is marinated chicken thighs and peppers, flame grilled on a skewer, along with two side lines. We opted for grilled vegetables and Peri Peri fries. The dish was served on a vertical skewer with the chicken sizzling hot and drizzling down on to the fries and veggies.

The chicken was well marinated and soft, though I would have liked it to be slightly more grilled and spicier. The veggies were the best, juicy and crunchy with all the flavors perfectly blended.

To drink we opted for Crimson Cola and Citrus Bliss. Crimpson Cola has this striking balance of sweet and tangy taste of cola and pomegranate, garnished with pop-in-your-mouth pomegranate pops. My taste buds agreeing with Nandos claim of unique Designer Drinks, kept asking for more!

Our gastronomic experience at Nandos was definitely satisfying. Apart from good food, the decor neat and stylish, with shaded lamps provides a soft setting.  The staffs present friendly front with smiling faces, greeting customers. The collection of appetizers, salads, burgers & wraps along with platters and meals with customizing option, makes it worth a visit for both chicken and veggie lovers.


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