Breakaway Breakfast: Appam and Stew

It was Diwali holidays and there was no way I could get away with the staple breakfast of bread toast, oats or noodles. On a holiday, during Dubai days, it was norm to hit one of the South Indian restaurants for breakfast.  Even though Dubai food culture offers choice of diverse and extravagant cuisines, for breakfast it was Saravana Bhavan, the vegetarian South Indian food chain for us most of the time. So fresh and authentic are their dishes that we end up ordering almost everything on their morning menu! Easy accessibility and traffic free smooth drive further cushioned our brunch outings.

When it comes to planning a special occasion breakfast, I settle safely for appam and stew, a traditional combo from the land of coconuts. Appam, a common name in Kerala household, also finds a place of prominence in Tamil Nadu and Srilankan cuisines. Traditionally, kallu  (toddy) is used to ferment the batter and hence it is popularly known as kallu appam. Now that kallu is not easily available, a simple substitute for fermentation is yeast.

The recipe was passed to me from my mom’s kitchen years back and in my hands it has gone through minor customizations to suit my convenience. Even though over the period of time, I have mastered the art of preparing soft appams, my son still opines that “ammuma’s appams are the best”

At home, though the favorite appam combo is stew, it also pairs well with kadala (chick peas) curry, chicken / mutton / egg curry. Here I have combined it with egg veggie stew.

Click the pictures below for pictorial presentation of the recipes.


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