Ras Malai : Suprisingly Quick Treat

Ras Malai has been on my list of favorites ever since I tasted it at Bikanervala. Lured by its luscious creaminess, I tried this delicacy at various other places but every time it has been a far cry from my Bikaner experience and so visits to this chain of traditional sweet shop cum family restaurant have become frequent. Bikanervala is well-known for their North Indian cuisine besides offering a lavish spread of chats, snacks and sweets.


Rasmalai, a Bengali sweet, is made with cottage or ricotta cheese dumplings immersed in thickened milk base. As the name “malai” suggests, it is packed with richness of milk and cream. The original recipe of this exquisite desert can be elaborate and laborious, starting from making the cheese, shaping them into dumplings and finally preparing the milk for dipping. Any such cumbersome process tires me at the very thought of it and I never dare attempt it. Of course there are various brands of ready mix available in market, the most popular being Gits Rasmalai mix. Even though a ready mix, the whole task of kneading the dough, preparing the discs and syrup and finally the milk mix still remains. The only convenience of ready mix is having all the required ingredients in right measure in one single pack.

Recently a friend tipped me with a quick and easy way to prepare Ras Malai at home. That’s when realization dawned on me that this dish can be easily homemade. Equipped with this freshly acquired knowledge, I added the ingredients to my shopping list and have to admit that the result of the trial was a delight to taste.


15 nos  tinned Rasgullas.

500ml milk

Half cup Condensed milk

3 to 4 Cardamom seeds powdered

Few strands of saffron

Few chopped almonds and pistachios


One by one squeeze out the sugary syrup from the rasgullas and keep aside.

Boil milk in a pan. Add the condensed milk and mix well. Adjust the quantity of the condensed milk based on your preference of sweetness. Bring the milk to boil.

Add the squeezed rasgullas to the boiling milk and boil on low flame for another 4-5 minutes.

Add the cardamom powder, saffron and chopped nuts. Mix well and remove from heat. Cool, refrigerate and serve chilled



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