Exam Butterflies

Long hours of studies, limited or no play, no TV or video games; early morning hours..Uffff…Can life be tougher!

Coming from a no exam education pattern, this is our boy’s first formal exam where he has to remember, recollect and replicate numerous topics from various subjects. It is not just about understanding concepts, facts and theories, but is also about how skilled the student  is in interpreting the questions and replicating the  learning he imbibed in last few months in the limited two hours time allotted for the exam.  Adding to stress is the immense air of importance attached to exams by schools and the mounted expectation of parents.

It is quite normal to experience exam jitters, but piling pressure can lead to stress which can adversely affect the performance. Advanced planning and systematic learning helps to a great extent to overcome the pressure:

  • Preparing a study plan well in advance to allocate enough time to learn and revise all topics as per the syllabus. This gives an overall view of the volume to be covered and to work out what needs to be completed each day.
  • Breaks are important to refresh and recharge. Half an hour outdoor breaks to stroll and straighten.
  • Avoiding diversion from the routine and study schedule to keep the focus intact.
  • Thoroughly revising the topics through repeated reading and written practices.
  • Advance preparation also gives enough time to consult the concerned teachers to clarify doubts that pop up while revising.
  • Following a regular sleep pattern to ensure sufficient 7 hours sleep.
  • Eating healthy and drinking lots of water.

Parents have a critical role to play in building the confidence of the kids. Having a congenial atmosphere at home, motivating them to stick to the study plan, avoid nagging, listening to their views, steering their focus back to studies when distracted, goes a long way in supporting them through the exams pressure period.

Good luck to all the kids who are facing their exams. Relax and do well..Remember exams are not end of the world!


4 thoughts on “Exam Butterflies

    • With the competition around, exams are taking a toll on students. Being prepared helps to build the confidence and in turn perform well..Thanks for liking the post

  1. It’s sad that kids are burdened with so much stuff to learn. My brother was complaining about his son who is bored with his revisions. It is good to prepare well though. They will soon realize that exams do not end with the school years. Wish your son all the best!

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