‘Don’t lose your mind, lose your weight’: Rujuta Divekar

It was by chance that I came across Rujuta Divekar’s ‘Don’t lose your mind, lose your weight’.  Visit to a friend’s place and I was surprised to see the lean trim figure. It is the result of adapting a new lifestyle. When our friend was all praise for the Rujuta’s book, my curiosity got better of me and I borrowed the book to discover the famous secret.

I am sure many of you are familiar with Rujuta Divekar. If not, let me throw some light. Rujuta is the celebrity fitness guru who helped Kareena Kapoor attain her famous size zero look. The book published in 2009 has a ‘Forward’ by Kareena Kapoor, thanking the writer for changing her perception about diets and dieting.

Written in a conversation style, the writer, refutes many myths about weight loss, analyses real life stories and presents the writer’s take on each story. Diet is not all about losing weight, but it is about accomplishing a healthy lifestyle by eating right and eating regularly.

The book works around four principles, which are explained with elaborate reasoning and examples. The experts of the principles are given below.

Principle 1: Never wake up to a tea or coffee

When we wake up in the morning, our blood sugar is low, which is also a reason why we feel ‘low’ in the morning. We need to bring the blood sugar up to an optimum level and for many reasons coffee and tea does not fit the bill. The stimulants provided through coffee and sugar increases blood sugar but provides no nutrition to the cells.

Start with a fruit within 10-15 minutes of waking up and have a healthy fiber rich breakfast after an hour or so. Once the cells receive nutrition through food, it is fine to have your coffee or tea.

Principle 2: Eat every two hours

When we eat every two hours, then we eat small. When our body gets lesser calories at a time, they are utilized better and not stored as fat. For in between meals eat only one thing at a time like a handful of peanuts, a bowl of yogurt, a slice of cheese or a glass of soya milk.

Principle 3: Eat more when you are more active and less when you are less active

Be smart to choose to eat fattening food during high activity. This will help to burn calories more efficiently.

Principle 3: Finish your last meal at least two hours prior to sleeping

This helps to digest most of the food before going to bed which in turn results in good sleep and leaves our system free to repair and rejuvenate. If the stomach is overloaded at this time, our recovery system takes a beating and food does not get digested and absorbed properly.

Summarized below are few meal plans mentioned in the book:

A lot of facts are common knowledge, being propagated by different disciplines of health and medicine. The challenge in fact is crossing the bridge from knowing to doing; self disciplining to healthy eating and regular exercising.


2 thoughts on “‘Don’t lose your mind, lose your weight’: Rujuta Divekar

  1. It is very thoughtful of you. A well designed meal plan along with a dedicated mind can definitely attain the desired shape or size but mostly we have only desire and not the will power.

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