Sridevi: Glamorous to Stunningly Simple Avatar

I don’t remember being a great fan of Sridevi till I watched English Vinglish. Sridevi with her effortless and subtle performance has triumphantly made her comeback after a sabbatical of 15 years. English Vinglish is a Sridevi movie from start to finish. Kudos to this charmingly beautiful lady who with her mature performance brought to life the simple down to earth character of Shashi making her real and convincing.

The movie is definitely commendable as Gouri Shinde’s directorial debut. The universal theme of awakening self esteem is so naturally weaved into the story that it offers everyone something to relate to, either as a mother, child, wife or husband. Some of the dialogues leave lasting impression. For me the punch point was Shashi’s realization; when you start loving yourself, you start seeing everything around you in a different light.

Sridevi’s graceful and impressive performance glided me into taking a peek  at  Sridevi’s  earlier hits and its quite striking to note the transformation the lady has gone through over the period of time.


One thought on “Sridevi: Glamorous to Stunningly Simple Avatar

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