Cardamom Plantation Experience

One of the highlights of the holidays in Idukki was visit to our friend’s Cardamom plantation. Having seen cardamom only in its final dry form, trekking through the rain drenched path and getting first hand information from the Planter himself was an enlightening experience.

Being close to nature has become a rare luxury in today’s world. So it was pleasant to plunge into the seamless lush greenery, feel the breath of fresh air, smell the fragrance of flowers and rain blessed sand and enjoy the music of nature.

The healing touch of nature is undisputed…Reconnect, Relax, Rejuvenate and Reinvent !


4 thoughts on “Cardamom Plantation Experience

  1. Very informative write up. Even though I had been to cardamom plantation in Wayanad, never got a chance to see its beautiful flower. Thanks a lot for those beautiful pictures.

  2. This was great info! u have an unique way of presenting ur facts and nice use of photographs! happy journeys ahead!

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