Deira Fish Market (Dubai)

This is  probably my last visit to the famous Deira Fish and Vegetable Market. Well, not because I have decided to turn vegetarian, but as part of the massive makeover plan of Dubai Souq by Dubai Municipality, the Fish market will be shifted to a new location next month. Dubai’s biggest and busiest fish market, […]

Whole Fruit Vs Fruit Juice

It is a known fact that fruits are cornerstone of healthy diet and it’s ideal to consume it simple and unadorned. Whether for convenience or taste, juicing fruits has become an alternative to whole fruits. Fruit juices do have their health benefits but in the process of juicing certain nutritional elements are missed out. Most […]

New Generation Indian Food Chain : Mast Kalandar

Mast Kalandar, the new generation chain of restaurants, serves North Indian vegetarian food in healthy hygienic environment at affordable price. Its vibrant, lively and neat ambiance combined with its presence in every significant neighborhood makes the place distinctively different from the crowd. The menu  offers an assortment of combos, alacarte and chat choices sufficing your […]

Super-nutritious Sprouts

My memory of sprouting goes back to my childhood days. A practitioner of Yoga, Ayurveda and Naturopathy, Dad follows a disciplined healthy lifestyle with natural food like sprouts blended into his daily diet.  As a child I failed to understand the health quotient of natural food and the importance of healthy eating. Sprouting is one […]

Exam Butterflies

Long hours of studies, limited or no play, no TV or video games; early morning hours..Uffff…Can life be tougher! Coming from a no exam education pattern, this is our boy’s first formal exam where he has to remember, recollect and replicate numerous topics from various subjects. It is not just about understanding concepts, facts and […]

Male and Female Perception differences

“Why don’t you understand?” “Talk to me!”Does this sound like an universal woe between couples? Well, this is referencing gender driven perception. The differences between male and female perception, thinking, communication and behavior have been interest of universal research, discussions, debates, and not to forget, they have been heart of jokes. While, every person is […]