AT THE TOP – Burj Khalifa

World’s tallest building, breaker of many Guinness Book records, Burj Khalifa, stands tall in the heart of Dubai city, speaking loud of its magnificence and glory. Catching attention from almost every corner of the city, we have witnessed the rise of this architectural marvel, right from scratch to the mega tall structure it is today.  The construction of this mammoth project started in 2004. Withering the storms of global financial crisis, Burj Dubai as it was called earlier, slowly emerged taller and taller, marking its completion in Jan 2010.



828 meters tall with more than 162 floors, Burj Khalifa houses both commercial and residential properties.  The 124th floor, AT THE TOP, has been designed and opened for public viewing.

Though we have been curiously and eagerly waiting for its opening, it’s only last month that we finally made it to THE TOP, thanks to the visit of our friends. Buying entry tickets on the spot is an expensive affair and hence we need to book tickets online, at least a week in advance to get a slot of our choice. We had preferred a time slot in the evening, to benefit both day and night view. But limited time and holiday season heavy booking let us only a morning slot.


The journey to THE TOP starts from the lower ground level of Dubai Mall. A lift at a speed of 10 m/sec takes us to the 124th floor observation deck. Bound all around by glass walls, the view from THE TOP gives us an aerial sight of dazzling Dubai skylines, of desert, sea and city.



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