Dubai Global Village

As Dubai gets ready for the annual Dubai Shopping Fest starting from 3 Jan to 3 Feb 2013, Global Village has thrown open its attractions starting November. Spread across acres of land, the fun fair is host to more than 30 country pavilions which showcases products from all over the world. Each pavilion has its own charm, even though some products are available across the board, reflecting its popularity.



Being old timers did not abate our spirit and reverie of this cultural medley. In fact ,with our friends visiting from India, we made the most of this visit spending the whole evening in midst of this global carnival, taking in all the sights, visiting various pavilions, tasting the native delicacies of different countries, and enjoying the music and cultural performances of artist from China, Kenya and India.


Global village more than a decade and half old, at one end entices the shoppers with surfeit of shopping surprises and at the other end offers the artisans international platform to display their talent.

The metal craft in large vessels and artifact in the Moroccan pavilion, wooden musical instruments in the African pavilion, silk kurtas and handmade crafts in Indian pavilion, carpets in Afghanistan pavilion,  lamps of very shapes and sizes, leather bags and shoes, studded large artificial jewelry, recycled Turkish glassware, all this and much more make a stupendous collection of colorful display.



All round family entertainment being the theme, the kids had fun in various rides and also winning prizes playing variety fun games. The celebration is kept alive through fireworks every now and then.


This open air extravaganza is a must see for anyone visiting Dubai, but be prepared for a good amount of walking and for shoppers sharpen your bargaining skills.


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