Deira Fish Market (Dubai)

This is  probably my last visit to the famous Deira Fish and Vegetable Market. Well, not because I have decided to turn vegetarian, but as part of the massive makeover plan of Dubai Souq by Dubai Municipality, the Fish market will be shifted to a new location next month.


Dubai’s biggest and busiest fish market, traced back to 1980’s, is located close to Shindagha Tunnel near Deira Corniche. It is easy to buy your fish from any supermarket, but the variety and the freshness that this wet market offers at barter price is unbeatable. This place gets buzzing with trading activities right from the wee hours which goes on till late night. The moment you walk in, be prepared to be flocked by wheelbarrow guys. If you are planning a big buy, it’s good to have your wheelbarrow help to stow your purchased stock.


The first section, as you enter is the vegetable and fruits with array of colorful fresh produce arranged neatly. These vegetables and fruits are both locally produced as well as imported from other countries.



Stacks and piles of tuna, king fish, sardines, pomfrets, crabs, squids, tilapias, king prawns, lobster, hammour is indeed a luring sight. This fresh fare comes from neighboring countries like Oman and also as far away as Taiwan and Spain.



For dry fish lovers there is a huge section, right from the smallest to the biggest fish dried and packed. Once done with the fishing deals, head towards the cleaning and cutting area where a squad of expert hands gets the job done for a few Dirhams and few minutes waiting.


It is intriguing to watch the traders load and unload trucks and barons of fresh catch throughout the day. The best time to visit is early morning or evening around 5pm.  Harness your haggling skills to get a good deal and be prepared for wet floors and overpowering fishy smell!


11 thoughts on “Deira Fish Market (Dubai)

  1. Heard a lot about this fish market but haven’t visited it as it is not a top priority on tourist’s list. With the fruits and veggies, I guess, it would be one quick shopping trip.

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