Whole Fruit Vs Fruit Juice

It is a known fact that fruits are cornerstone of healthy diet and it’s ideal to consume it simple and unadorned. Whether for convenience or taste, juicing fruits has become an alternative to whole fruits. Fruit juices do have their health benefits but in the process of juicing certain nutritional elements are missed out.

Juicing 1Most of the juicing appliances leave behind the skin and pulp of the fruits where the fiber content is housed. Fiber is important for aiding digestion, controlling blood sugar and cholesterol. Due to the fiber content, our body absorbs the natural sugar less slowly and hence the spike in sugar level is much controlled.

Juice contains more calories than whole fruit mainly because of the added sugar and less fiber. Besides, more amounts of fruits are needed to extract 1 glass of juice than having one whole fruit. “For example, an orange contains about 60 calories, but a glass of orange juice contains about 110 calories.”

Fresh juices are good source of nutrition, but never an alternative to whole fruits. “Eating only a fraction of a fruit’s/vegetable’s edible content  just isn’t going to be as healthy as eating all of it.”

For “juicerians” here are few tips to healthy juicing:


  • Make and drink juices fresh, this way you have more control over the ingredients.
  • Have your juices immediately after making it, that way the nutrients are retained. Don’t store it for more than 24 hours. Fresher the better! Include some citrus like lemon or orange in your juice to prevent oxidation.
  • Have juice as part of a meal and supplement it with fat and protein to prevent an insulin spike and also for better nutrition absorption
  • Go for whole juicing. Instead of a juice extractor, consider using a blender to retain the fiber content.
  • Try experimenting by combining different kinds of fruits and vegetable for taste and nutrition. For instance mix leafy vegetable like spinach or celery or cucumber and combine with apple or carrot or beetroot for sweetness.

9 thoughts on “Whole Fruit Vs Fruit Juice

  1. I like this post but think that drinking fruit juices is at least better than not eating or drinking anything fruity at all: a case of half a loaf being better than none. 🙂 Well done.

  2. I think smoothies including leafy vegetables and blended fruits would be a healthier option than fruit juice. what say? would you suggest it coz recently I shared smoothies recipe on my blog….

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