New Generation Indian Food Chain : Mast Kalandar

Mast Kalandar, the new generation chain of restaurants, serves North Indian vegetarian food in healthy hygienic environment at affordable price. Its vibrant, lively and neat ambiance combined with its presence in every significant neighborhood makes the place distinctively different from the crowd.

Full Full Biriyani Combo

Full Full Biriyani Combo

the yumm Biriyani

the yumm Biriyani

The menu  offers an assortment of combos, alacarte and chat choices sufficing your mood for a light bite or a sumptuous meal. Of the dishes I have tried so far their Full Full Biriyani Combo tops my favorites.

The Great Indian Maha Combo

The Great Indian Maha Combo

Mango Lassi

Mango Lassi

Having tried Mast Kalandar once, it has now become next to home cooked food option. It’s non greasy and easy on stomach factor is the repetitive quotient. The well trained staff; the simple, slim yet sufficient menu and cleanliness of the place speaks for the thought and effort gone into designing this professionally managed quick service chain.

In spite of a soaring demand, there has always been a dearth of professionally managed neat neighborhood restaurants. It’s heartening to see the emergence and success of the new breed of restaurants which is gradually changing the face of Indian retail food industry. Mast Kalandar, a part of Spring Leaf Retail Pvt Limited, is owned and promoted by the Techie couple, Gaurav Jain and Pallavi Gupta. Realizing the potential and need of the hour, they gave up their lucrative Corporate career and plunged into this start up with a seed capital of Rs 18 lakhs from their personal savings. Started in 2004 with a single store in Bannerghatta Road, Mast Kalandar today stamps its presence with 25 outlets in four different cities ie Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore.

The success story of Mast Kalandar should serve as inspiration to budding entrepreneurs in this burgeoning sector. The challenge is to think creatively and to turn the challenges into opportunities. Entrepreneurship seems to be the future road map paving the path for companies that are responsive and flexible to today’s market needs.


4 thoughts on “New Generation Indian Food Chain : Mast Kalandar

  1. Have been there couple of times .. They do offer a lot of combos and the place is pretty neat.. Their success story is certainly an inspiring one 🙂

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