Super-nutritious Sprouts

My memory of sprouting goes back to my childhood days. A practitioner of Yoga, Ayurveda and Naturopathy, Dad follows a disciplined healthy lifestyle with natural food like sprouts blended into his daily diet.  As a child I failed to understand the health quotient of natural food and the importance of healthy eating.

Sprouting is one of the quickest and easiest ways to bundle a group of nutrients into our body. Sprouts contain all the energy and power required for a seed to grow into a plant. Eating handful of sprouts is equivalent to eating that many plants!

When we talk of protein source the obvious choices are egg, chicken or meat. The advantage of sprouts is that it is high in protein minus the fat and calories that comes with meat.


 Sprout is an oxygen rich food. “When there is lack of oxygen in the cell, the oxygen deprived cells can be prime location for cancer and other diseases.” Hence it is important to keep the body cells oxygenated. An oxygen rich diet includes raw fruits, vegetables and ‘living’ sprouts. Oxygen depleted food are highly cooked meat, bread, processed and frozen food and carbonated beverages.

Sprouts, a good alkalizing source helps to maintain our body’s alkaline balance. “Our body is naturally alkaline and on a pH scale our body should be about 7.4 to 7.6 naturally.” Overtly acidic diet throws off our body’s healthy pH balance which makes us susceptible to illnesses like arthritis, cancer, diabetes and heart diseases.

Sprouts are natural source of fiber with concentrated dose of Vitamin B and C. Sprouts being very low in calories, it is an ideal diet for weight watchers too. I prefer to sprout the grams at home and enjoy its crispy freshness.

The sprouting process is pretty simple. Wash and soak the grams overnight (12 hours).

Mung left to soak overnight

Mung left to soak overnight

Next morning rinse and drain the water.


Keep the seeds in an air tight container.


 Rinse and drain the seeds twice a day. The sprouts should be ready in two days.


Sprouts can be had as part of any meal or as filling snacks in between. To retain the rich nutrients, it is good to have it raw as part of salads or sandwich stuffing or soup toppings.

Sprouts with grated coconut,  a good combo

Sprouts with grated coconut, a good combo

Onion, cucumber, tomato and coriander

Onion, cucumber, tomato and coriander


However, sprouts like any living food, if not grown in hygienic conditions can contain bacteria and hence it is advisable that children, elderly and people with weak immune system avoid consuming raw sprouts.


4 thoughts on “Super-nutritious Sprouts

  1. I like to watch things grow, so I am a fan of sprouts. You have inspired me now and I am soaking a handful of moong beans right away! Normally, I transfer them to a water soaked paper towel after overnight soaking and wet it when it dries…no stinky water.

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