Social Networking: The New Age Recruitment

Social networking sites are new generation recruitment and selection tools.

Big multinational corporations as well as small family run enterprises are capitalizing the power of social networking platforms to scout prospective profiles to fill important vacant positions as well as eliminating unsuitable profiles by closely monitoring applicant’s online conduct and behavior.

This new trend helps not only to tap passive job seekers but also to get recommendations from their networking circle.

With companies like Coco Cola getting 10 times more hits on their Facebook page over their corporate website, it’s not too far when the companies will have their live career zone on their Facebook page.  Companies are now willing to spend more on social web tools than on traditional job boards and recruitment agencies.

Microsoft and Google are examples of relying on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook  to attract potential employees.

It is time to polish your social networking profiles.

Even if you are not looking for a job switch now, it can have a significant impact in future as Recruiters and Head Hunters are always gazing!

If you are actively on a job search, then make it easy for the employers to find you: update your professional credentials so that it is easily accessible. Here are some points to keep in mind:

  • Make sure your professional networking profile matches your CV
  • In your profile use key words relevant to your role or industry
  • Relevant recommendations on your profile are a powerful endorsement of your capabilities.
  • Participate in discussions, express your opinion and raise questions in specific forums to increase your visibility
  • Use search engines to connect to people working in your list of potential employers.

The line between social and professional networking is getting blurred. Social networking is a great way for finding talent; if used carefully, both job seekers and corporations can work it to their advantage.


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