Connecting Disconnect: ‘Mobile’ Social defense

How long can we carry a face to face conversation with proper eye contact without being intruded by a mobile phone device?

Is face to face conversation losing its charm or are we, as technology addicts, losing our real time interaction skills?

Technology as a social defense” is increasingly becoming a reality in our daily transactions and encounters.

Walk into a restaurant or a public place and it will be a common sight to see couples sitting together, but both of them busy in their own world attached to their respective devices.

Instead of enjoying the company of people around us we are too busy texting, emailing, checking and commenting on updates or the least frivolously fidgeting with our mobile.

People far away from us gain precedence over people who are actually with us.

Are we really that busy or there are occasions we pretend that mobile phone is the priority?

This deviant angle of thought lead to some soul searching and self analyzing. I realized how I am slowly letting myself be a victim too.  When in a lift or whenever alone with strangers, I unconsciously reach my mobile and my fingers starts grazing.

Do I have something that important to finish which cannot wait or is it my defense to avoid an eye contact or a friendly gesture with people around me?

Is “being connected” leading to being “alone in a crowd” syndrome?

Or we may have to redefine the ‘connectedness’ as a desperate attempt of two disconnected souls to escape from getting connected to its immediate surroundings!

Connecting disconnect!

Let’s seriously disconnect this connect, lest we soon be another victim of this growing connected disconnect.


3 thoughts on “Connecting Disconnect: ‘Mobile’ Social defense

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