Interview Disasters

There are job interview blunders that we all have committed at some stage of our search for the right job.

As a person who spent considerable years of my life interviewing people for various jobs, here are some snippets of my memory, guiding you to guard against such glitches:

  • “Tell me what you know about the nature of our business”

“I think it is some sort of electronics business or something….”

Not being prepared for the interview: This communicates a very casual approach towards the job interview and under preparation. It is very important to attend the interview well prepared, gather all the necessary information about the company, job and the interview panel.

  • “Why do you want to leave your current company?”

“I don’t get along with my boss.  I have to do all the work and he takes the credit…”

 Don’t malign your current employer / boss: We may not be happy with our boss. This need not be mentioned in the interview. If at all, then bring it up as a challenge faced in the current work situation rather than make an accusation.

  • “Could you please explain specifically what you meant by this point you have mentioned in your CV”.

“The CV was written long back and don’t remember why I have written this”

 Be thorough with your resume: Prepare yourself to support and explain any achievements mentioned in the CV with data, figures and appropriate instances.

  • Throughout the interview, the candidate had come across arrogant and aggressive.  The last blow came when the interviewer asked the candidate her current salary details and she replied “why should I reveal my salary details?”

Don’t exhibit arrogance or overconfidence: Confidence in self is definitely a mandate while attending interviews, but no employer will like to hire an arrogant over confident employee.

  •  A candidate was being interviewed for a middle management role. All through the interview she was busy fiddling with her hair. It definitely left the interviewer distracted!

 Unconscious body posture: Shaking leg continuously, running hands through hair, playing with key chain or pen are unconscious habits. It’s good to do a self check and if you have any of these habits, make a conscious effort not to exhibit it during an interview.

  • “What happened John?” I enquired with my GM who looked desperate, walking anxiously through the corridor.

“The candidate you have arranged for the telecon is going non-stop at the other end.  He is not stopping his speech ….I thought I will take break as I am not getting any chance to ask my questions.”

Be specific. Listen carefully and allow the interviewer to ask what he wants to ask before you speak.


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