Strike : Against whom?

The notice of strike came on September 19th from my son’s school, stating that the school will be closed on 20 September due to  ‘All India Strike”.

That was no good reason for a “day off”, as it sounded to me. What was this strike all about? I had no clue! On following the TV channels, I got to know the reason for protest. The Opposition party protesting against the government’s fuel reforms and plan to open country’s retail sector to global companies.

The strike, to me, meant an extended school holiday for my son, as September 19th was Ganesha Pooja. The call for strike on the very next day meant two consecutive days of fun for kids. It also definitely meant no outing in spite of being a holiday, no daily dose of newspaper and not to forget – stocking essential commodities.

All public and private transports were forced to stay off-road, leaving the public stranded in bus stations, railway stations and airport. Even the trains were not spared.  The protesters went to the extent of blocking passenger trains in Allahabad. Many software companies gave their employees the option to work from home while others had to struggle to reach their workplace. All shops were forced to shut down, leaving the shopkeepers at a loss of one day’s business and the consumers with no options to buy their necessities.  People who survive on each day’s earning were the most affected.

What did this one day protest result in, other than the woes suffered by the general public? Why is the success of  a strike gauged by the “cities being virtually shutdown”? Have the fuel prices come down as the result of this one day strike or has the Government decided to roll back the FDI reform?  Why does the common man have to be the victim of protest when the strike is projected as a public cause?

My woe is not against fighting a cause but against its mode of operation. Isn’t it high time that, we as a country recapitulate the traditional way to protest, considering the over weighing detrimental effects a Strike bears as compared to the desired outcome?

As the world has now evolved into a ‘netocracy ‘ in so called information age, a stone age brick and motor style physical strike is not only obsolete; but is way out of context in defeating its very purpose.

May the sense prevail in the intellect of strike organizers in innovating the forms of strike in line with changing times.

They first need to strike their own desire to stick only to a physical strike form; rather unleash the canvas to hither unchartered territories of inner universe or virtual ‘netocratic ‘ dynasties to have its intended impact, than stifling the easy target of an already overburdened commoner like me !

Anyone  listening, any takers…!


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