‘Ethekya Appam’ (Banana Fritters)

A popular evening snack from our own Kerala Kitchen. Have tasted its best version at Indian Coffee House. It is widely known as Pazham Pori or Ethekya Appam. Its numerous variety available is proof of its everlasting popularity. Here’s my customized version of  Ethekya Appam..


Ripe Kerala bananas.


 Bananas split into half – lengthwise.


 Wheat dough batter with salt to taste.  Add sugar if the bananas are not sweet enough.


 Dip and coat each banana piece in the batter and deep fry.


Fry both sides till golden brown.


Drain and serve  hot. Enjoy your evening tea snack.


Yummmlicious!!  What a treat…!


2 thoughts on “‘Ethekya Appam’ (Banana Fritters)

  1. Asha, your Pazham pori reminded me of my school days, throwing the heavy loaded bags at the veranda and rushing to the kitchen to find out the number of pazham pori kept for me. My mom used to have a different coating instead of wheat flour. Y’day I tried your recipe and it came out well.

    • Glad you liked it. Pazham pori is my all time favorite..I think, anyone from Kerala will have a nostalgic memory associated with it. I remember as a kid, during our annual vacation to Kerala, as the Jayanthi Janatha Express came into Kerala , the railway vendors thronged into the compartments with their snack basket..the first thing we used to hog on was pazham pori and uzhunnu vada…the taste and aroma of those bites still lingers in me…

      Yeah, normally the coating is made of maida. But since i am not a big fan of maida, i replace it with wheat flour where ever possible..

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