“Madakku Appam” (Kerala Pancake!)

Madakku Appam

Recipe, rare, really,

Mom’s kitchen reverie,

Relishing childhood memory

My son’s appetite alimony


A cup of dough Wheat,

Small Bananas four split,

One small cup grated Coconut,

Sugar and salt added to taste,

Soaked almonds three, peel and chop,

And Ghee,

For tawa fry.


Dough mixed with salt and water,

Blended enough making free smooth batter.

Step two for filling,

Grated coconut combined with chopped bananas,

Sugar added enough with peeled almonds.

Heat a pan,

Grease it with ghee,

Pour two spoonful of batter on the pan,

Spread it into a round shape.

Turn over as one side is cooked.

Add filling on half of the spread

Fold it and press the edges till it get sealed.

Flip and cook both sides.

Add ghee as it cooks


A recipe, banana lovers will love wholly

Just over thirty minutes, six delicious ‘madakkapams’ ready

Creative filling, scope for experiment countless,

Kismis , pinch of cardamom , jiggery instead of sugar, list endless

Give it a try… a recipe, rare, really!


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